Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to Work

I have recently returned to my "real" job as an electrician and as a result unfortunately my blog has been neglected. So here is a photo of me "working" to prove it :).

I have had a chance in between working to make some mothers days gifts for some clients.


  1. Oh, I hope Mum doesnt see these before mothers day!
    Thanks Greer...can't wait to get them and package them up and of course see the admiration on Mums face.

    Back to work!


  2. Hey Greer,
    Long lunches at Maccas with fellow DUSTers are part of the work day, hey!

  3. A great action pic of you working...hehehe. Good to see you're still creating, sometimes it's too hard to fit in the blogging, creating and working, but we try. (:

  4. we could do with an electrician here in boyup brook! there is a 6 month waiting list to get stuff resident 'sparky' in town so you have to beg and plead and bribe them to come from other towns their leisure...we dont have a mechanic either :( but plenty of shearers and a plumber :)

  5. hey Greer glad to hear you're back at work - and creating at the same time! lovely newbies!