Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look what arrived in the mail!

I am so excited . . . I received my new business card holder from Finki today.

Jay from Finki kindly used my logo as the design in this wonderful creation, I just love how the threads colour contrasts with the black and makes my gerbra pop out of the page. I am seriously considering getting the full range of office supplies including a notepad, pen holder and adhesive label holder. Thanks Jay I love it :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Some of my new creations. . . enjoy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Am I fashionable? The short answer is NO!

I have always wanted to be fashionable but for some reason, if I am completely frank, I'm not. On the odd occasions that I go to the shops, these days, I either can not afford to purchase anything, have no idea where to start or I walk into shops like sportsgirl and remember that I am 30 and not a girl any longer (WHAT ARE THE KIDS WEARING THESE DAYS?).

but look at me. I'm keen!

SOLUTION: My good friend Emma-Jane suggested we attend a Free Mini Style Consultation with Tanja Mrnjaus at Westfield Carindale and in the short space of time we spent with Tanja I learned that I should:
  • wear more sunset type colours or green and not blue or grey tones (there goes half my wardrobe)
  • accessorize (I have that covered!)
  • wear 'A' line skirts (to hide my massive thighs)
  • shop at Portmans, Witchary, Target, Sussans and Nova Shoes (just to name a few)
  • wear brown tones for my eye makeup or smokey eyes
I also learned that I shouldn't:
  • wear 3/4 pants
  • wear short boots eg. I should wear high heels or high boots, not in between.
  • wait to lose 10kg to become fashionable if I am not serious (I'm bloody serious)

I found Tanja to be fun loving, vibrant and best of all honest. I also love her saying "you can have whatever you want if you dress for it" and I pondered that, wondering what I could have, wearing my tartan $5 shorts and my fading seattle washington T shirt.

I am so impressed with Tanja that I am probably going to go back to her (after I lose 10 kgs) to update my wardrobe with a few items that suit my shape, colourings and personality.

Now if you are interested in doing the same please contact Tanja on 0432 549 018 or email at Below is a small selection of her services, please visit to check out Tanja's fortnightly style blog.

Free Mini Style Consultation
Cost: Free. Please allow 15-20 minutes
Personal Shopping & Style Sessions
Cost: $100 per hour per person. Please allow 2-4 hours
Wardrobe Makeover & Shopping Style Session
Cost: $100 per hour per person. Please allow 3-4 hours
Colour Profiling Session
Cost: $100 per session per person. Please allow up to 2 hours.

My New Keyring Pouch

For years I have had a red zipped pouch attached to my car key and I think that you would agree that it was time for a change.

I posted an alchemy request on the dust team forum (a group of wonderful hand made artists selling on etsy) . Melanie from Wiccked held up her hand and said "pick me pick me", so I picked her. I am so happy I did, as she made me a funky little pouch that would hold my gym membership card and my keys just as I requested. Please check out Melanie's store at, her stuff is great and she can pretty much make anything.

Wanna Win Something???

Miss Kitty really really really likes to make stuff! Check out her blog at and enter her comp to win these beautiful hair clips.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We couldn't pick one winner so I have decided to have 3 winners, one for each necklace and pendant.

The name for the Nameless Necklace #1 is: LABRYNTH thanks to Courtney

The name for the Nameless Necklace #2 is: TANGERINE DREAM CATCHER thanks to Leisa

The name for the Nameless Pendant is: THE PARIS OPERA thanks to Melanie.

Thanks everyone who entered and little note that Melanie is from and you should also check out her wonderful blog Melanie has already received her prize (see pic) and i am feaverishly creating some beautiful pink drop earrings for Leisa and some purple drop earrings for Courtney.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Bracelets for your viewing pleasure

Please have a look at my new creations, these are so new they haven't even been uploaded to etsy. If you would like to know any more information about them click on a photo and it will take you to my facebook Mefe Art Page. Happy viewing and have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Family Camping Trip

In the past my family has been more of a 5 star hotel holiday kinda family thanks to my dad getting great promotions at work, but this weekend was our first family camping trip to
Andrew Drynan Park. I was really unsure how the trip would go seeing I was taking my two dogs and my sister took Jasper (my nephew) I don't think we were making it easy for our first try. . . .

I would really like to have a bad story or an embarrasing story or a funny story about the weekend but suprisingly everything went pretty much to plan. Bolter winged a bit and Jasper woke during the night for about 45 mins but apart from that the weekend was wonderful. We had beautiful weather, great family company and even some roasted marshmellows by the fire. We saw a big snake, did a bit of swimming, geocaching and walking (Pete even decided to walk up the top of the huge hill/mountain close by the camping ground VERY IMPRESSIVE). It was an allround relaxing, getting back to nature (with toilets close by), camping weekend.

The view and the HUGE Hill/Mountain Pete climbed - see where the arrow is pointing - well that little dot is Pete.

Dad helping to start the fire.

The whole gang around the fire

Pete and Me

Roasted Marshmallows YUMMY but after 3 SICKENING

I went down to the creek at sunrise

Jasper and Me ooo couldn't you just eat him up :)

Yep it's a bull

Brit and Jasper swimming

Pete and the Dogs

Our Tent

Jasper and Mum