Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eeeeek wooden treasures . . gotta love em.

Sophie Hill, a Launceston based bird-obsessed artist and lover of all things handmade is the beauty and brains behind the jewellery label That Vintage. She creates her unique pieces with her beautiful designs from the woodlands using Tasmanian Myrtle . These are the pieces I purchased recently, but, I have to tell you it was so hard to choose and will definately be going back for more soon.

I will not stop until all my friends are decked out in That Vintage. you can purchase her gear from etsy
or if you like actually visiting a shop she has a range of stockists around Australia.

At no time was I paid or pursuaded in any way to gratuitously promote That Vintage, I just do it out of a love of the product :).

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