Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Family Camping Trip

In the past my family has been more of a 5 star hotel holiday kinda family thanks to my dad getting great promotions at work, but this weekend was our first family camping trip to
Andrew Drynan Park. I was really unsure how the trip would go seeing I was taking my two dogs and my sister took Jasper (my nephew) I don't think we were making it easy for our first try. . . .

I would really like to have a bad story or an embarrasing story or a funny story about the weekend but suprisingly everything went pretty much to plan. Bolter winged a bit and Jasper woke during the night for about 45 mins but apart from that the weekend was wonderful. We had beautiful weather, great family company and even some roasted marshmellows by the fire. We saw a big snake, did a bit of swimming, geocaching and walking (Pete even decided to walk up the top of the huge hill/mountain close by the camping ground VERY IMPRESSIVE). It was an allround relaxing, getting back to nature (with toilets close by), camping weekend.

The view and the HUGE Hill/Mountain Pete climbed - see where the arrow is pointing - well that little dot is Pete.

Dad helping to start the fire.

The whole gang around the fire

Pete and Me

Roasted Marshmallows YUMMY but after 3 SICKENING

I went down to the creek at sunrise

Jasper and Me ooo couldn't you just eat him up :)

Yep it's a bull

Brit and Jasper swimming

Pete and the Dogs

Our Tent

Jasper and Mum


  1. Looks like a great weekend. Everybody smiling. Lovely weather. Jasper is very cute. I often wonder about taking my little boys camping. The oldest would love it, the youngest one might just eat everything.

  2. this looks like fun!

    I love camping - I haven't been in a few months though, my guy friends are all into the 4WD treks... they are such fun! I always drag my leopard print gum boots with me though ;o) gotta be fashionable anywhere - you never know WHO you may see!