Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Dogs

I love my dogs but they cost me a mint (eg. bolter is up to about 4 thousand I think) and are little ratbags. I'll tell you a bit about them.

Bolter was my first child and I would describe him as a cuddly friendly . . . killer. He is so lovely at home, he loves people, and cuddles, but he is unfortunately a staffy by nature and doesn't get along with other dogs (besides Rahni) so I am a responsible dog owner and always have him on the lead outside the yard. He is not a very good guard dog as he will wag his tail at strangers and only bark at other animals, especially dogs through the fence. Even though I love him to death I would never get another staffy.

Rahni on the other hand is quite a submissive dog and would never hurt a fly although she has been known to lick small animals to death. She is very obediant and I can have her off the lead no worries. I once took her for a walk and she decided to chase a cat (for fun or to lick it) and all I had to do was call her name and she was right back at my side, she is such a good girl apart from the licking (have I mentioned that yet?). She unlike Bolter is a good guard dog as she barks at strangers (would never bite) and is not interested in other animals.

I would also like to add that I love cats too, not just a dog person :).